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Website Design Kalimpong

Website design kalimpong We provide website design solutions in and around Kalimpong and other area of Kalimpong. Apart from website design we provide services like webhosting, domain registration , website redesign, logo design ,blog design, software development and dynamic web application.

about Kalimpong

Kalimpong is one of the sub division of Darjeeling beautifully centered between the two hills Delo and Durpin locally famous as Durpin Dara.[Location-1250 m].It was one of the gateway for the trade between Tibet and India.The place is home of the ethic Nepalese people "The Gorkhas",Nepali is the local language spoken by the people here besides this people can speak Hindi, English and Bengali as well. The name Kalimpong is derived from Tibetan word which means 'assembly of the kings' but its not clear so far. River Teesta flows between Sikkim and Kalimpong .
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